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  American Journal of Advanced Food Science and Technology
ISSN:2162-9722  (Online)
  American Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology
ISSN:2162-9676  (Online)
  Journal of Advanced Internet of Things
ISSN:2163-2243  (Online)
  Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering
ISSN:2162-9870  (Online)
  Journal of Modeling, Simulation, Identification, and Control
ISSN: 2162-9633  (Online)
  Journal of Sensors and Instrumentation
ISSN: 2162-9706  (Online)
  Journal of Signal Processing Theory and Applications
ISSN: 2163-2286  (Online)
  Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications
ISSN: 2163-1263  (Online)
  Journal of Vibration Analysis, Measurement, and Control
ISSN: 2162-9854  (Online)
  American Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Research
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  American Journal of Modern Chemical Engineering
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  American Journal of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell
ISSN: pending  (Online)
  Journal of Advanced Electrical and Computer Engineering
ISSN: pending  (Online)
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