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Columbia International Publishing (CIP), publishes journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.  

  Advances in Alloys and Compounds

  Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  American Journal of Advanced Food Science and Technology

  American Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology

  American Journal of Algorithms and Computing

  American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

  American Journal of Autism

  American Journal of Bioengineering and Biotechnology

  American Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  American Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy

  American Journal of Breast Cancer Research

  American Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

  American Journal of Modern Chemical Engineering

  American Journal of Contemporary Cardiovascular Research

  American Journal of Contemporary Dermatology

  American Journal of Experimental Biology

  American Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

  American Journal of Macromolecular Science

  American Journal of Materials Science and Technology

  American Journal of Modern Chromatography

  American Journal of Modern Hospitality Management

  American Journal of Molecular and Cellular Biology

  American Journal of Oral Medicine

  American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology

  American Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy

  American Journal of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell

  American Journal of Ultrasound

  Animal Science Letters

  Contemporary Digestive Research and Technologies

  Contemporary Mathematics and Statistics

  International Journal of Applied Forestry

  International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

  International Journal of Environmental Pollution and Solutions

  International Journal of Neuropathology

  Journal of Advanced Computing

  Journal of Advanced Electrical and Computer Engineering

  Journal of Advanced Internet of Things

  Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Research

  Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering

  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

  Journal of Clinical Urology and Urologic Technology

  Journal of Cloud Computing Research

  Journal of Communication Technology and Human Behaviors

  Journal of Contemporary Diabetes Research

  Journal of Contemporary Immunology

  Journal of Contemporary Orthopaedic Research

  Journal of Contemporary Virology

  Journal of Continuing Education and Professional Development

  Journal of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

  Journal of Global Energy Issues

  Journal of Globalization and Business Management

  Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management

  Journal of Infectious Diseases and Global Health

  Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications

  Journal of Logistics and Operational Research

  Journal of Luminescence and Applications

  Journal of Modeling, Simulation, Identification, and Control

  Journal of Modern Physiological Research

  Journal of Ophthalmic Research

  Journal of Sensors and Instrumentation

  Journal of Signal Processing Theory and Applications

  Journal of Trace Analysis in Food and Drugs

  Journal of Trace Element Analysis

  Journal of Vibration Analysis, Measurement, and Control

  Journal Wireless Communications and Mobile Cloud Networking

  Topological and Supramolecular Polymer Science

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